The Tax Lawyer: A Business and Financial Advisor

A tax lawyer's principal occupation is to enable clients to achieve their business objectives in a tax-efficient way. Both a business and financial advisor, a tax lawyer provides specialized advice to clients in areas such as structuring business acquisitions and divestitures on a tax-deferred or tax-efficient basis; organizing startup ventures in a way that foresees a tax-efficient exit strategy for investors and provides sufficient incentives for the providers of services and intellectual capital to the venture; and reviewing executive compensation arrangements to ensure that the client (the employer or the individual, as the case may be) achieves its optimal tax objectives.

Here is a list of some of the many Taxation and Tax Planning services that we offer our clients. Some of these services apply directly to the other areas where clients are also represented by our Office..

General Taxation Matters:

    * Income tax planning
    * Personal tax planning
    * Tax analysis
    * Tax preparation
    * Tax assessments
    * Tax minimization planning
    * Tax resolution
    * ERISA matters
    * State tax issues
    * Federal tax issues
    * State tax liability
    * Federal tax liability
    * IRS audit representation
    * Franchise Tax Board audit representation
    * Business succession planning
    * Tax benefit planning
    * Tax representation
    * Tax controversies
    * Tax disputes
    * Tax litigation

Tax Matters Related to Estate Planning:

    * Family trusts
    * QTIPS (Qualified Terminable Interest in Property Trusts)
    * QPRT (Qualified Personal Residence Trusts)
    * Generation-skipping trusts
    * Charitable remainder trusts
    * Wealth transfer planning
    * Irrevocable trusts
    * Revocable trusts
    * Minimizing estate taxes
    * Reducing taxes through gifting and charitable giving
    * Gift taxation

Tax Matters Related to Business:

    * Business tax planning
    * Business organization and formation matters
    * Mergers and acquisitions
    * Deferred compensation plans