General Counsel Services - Premium Service/Predictable Pricing

At Your Service

Nagging concerns can become big legal problems. Every business has them—potential sources of liability that can turn into full-blown legal problems. They fester in the back of your mind and keep you awake at night. (At least the ones you know about.) You hope they’ll go away because hiring a lawyer is expensive. But this can be a costly gamble, especially if just one small issue escalates into a huge legal problem.

You need legal counsel, not a full-time lawyer. If yours is like most businesses, you require periodic legal counsel. You may be reluctant to retain general counsel because you fear the unpredictability of law firm hourly billing. Or you may delay hiring an attorney until you have a full-blown problem. Unfortunately, this can be the most expensive and risky way to address legal issues. There’s another way to expose and solve legal issues while maintaining complete control of your business budget.

All of the service. None of the unpredictable hourly billed charges. The fee for General Counsel services is based upon an annual agreement for services. Excluding litigation, all legal services are provided in an unlimited manner each month of the agreement period, including:

There is no guesswork, no hourly rates. You received all the legal services your business needs at a set fee. This frees you and your management team to identify and neutralize sources of potential liability without delay, protecting your business interests.

On Your Terms

You can structure your use of General Counsel services in a way that works best for your business. Following are some examples of how we can work with your company:

On-Site Management Meetings.

We can attend your weekly or monthly manager’s meetings to stay informed on various business management issues. This enables us to be proactive since we know your company’s vision, goals and strategies. As issues arise, you don’t have to educate us—we already know your business. Plus, we can provide ongoing advice that’s not restricted to emergencies and become a valuable part of your company team.

On-Site Open Door Office Hours.

Your business may benefit from having us available on-site for a half day or full day at regular intervals. This allows your managers and other employees to drop in to discuss issues that may seem small but could be the start of larger problems.

Off-Site Law Firm.

If you don’t have office facilities available or would rather meet away from your place of business, we provide a comfortable environment to meet and discuss company issues. And remember, all communications, meetings and reviews are included in our flat fee price structure.


Upon request, we can present seminars on various topics of interest to your staff or management.

Your Bottom Line

By agreeing to an annual contract, you secure non-litigation services at a reduced, level-billing rate. You simply select the plan that reflects the amount of legal advice your business may need throughout the year. You pay a flat rate per month for one year for unlimited non-litigation services to be provided in any given month. If your actual usage is more than anticipated for a period of three months or longer, you will be bumped into the price category that reflects actual usage. Plans start at $1500 per month. To fully explore plans and options please call Paul direct at 415-788-7045 or email him at